Our Trip to Texas
Jan 1-7 2003
Another group photo Aubrey and us DFW intl group photo Lalo cutting sugar cane Melina and Dad
Another group ph... Aubrey and us.jpg DFW intl.jpg group photo.jpg Lalo cutting sug... Melina and Dad.jpg
Melina and Enoch in a cabbage field Melina and Paul in the cane Melina in Donna Melina in Mex Melina playing gin while chewing tobacco Mexico guy cutting avacados
Melina and Enoch... Melina and Paul ... Melina in Donna.jpg Melina in Mex.jpg Melina playing g... Mexico guy cutti...
Paul and Mel Paul and Nick Paul and Nick contemplating life Paul and Nick in beach Paul looking to his left SPI friggin emtpy
Paul and Mel.jpg Paul and Nick.jpg Paul and Nick co... Paul and Nick in... Paul looking to ... SPI friggin emtp...
The Lopez fam minus Aubrey Tracktor Zack Mel and Nick playing gin
The Lopez fam mi... Tracktor.jpg Zack Mel and Nic...

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